Our Fees

We strive to provide value for our Clients.

We readily consider amicable arrangements to ensure the most appropriate personal and financial solution.

We prefer honesty when setting our fees. When advising private individuals, we always try to provide a total estimate for the service. We can provide fixed price quotes or hour rates for a given task on a per agreement basis. The hourly rates of lawyers vary widely depending on the type of work and their level of experience. The fixed fees are popular ways to pay for routine legal work, such as simple contracts, wills, representation and real estate closings. Depending on the nature of the case, a deposit is required at the start of the case.

Our Office is covered by our liability insurance and warranty scheme provided by Allianz Insurance Inc. Liability insurance covers all legal practice performed by Vauver Law Office regardless of where the legal practice is performed.

For further details. please contact info@vauver.com or call +36 20 931 2662.

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