• Taxation law

    Tax planning; giving legal opinions and legal assistance in connection with the taxation; legal representation regarding taxation law.


  • Energy law

    Providing legal services and assistance regarding renewable energy projects; legal representation and advisory services to investors; prepare of preliminary due diligence reports on projects.


  • Real estate

    Real estate legal services in relation to real estate projects, any kind of real estate transactions and in relation to transfer of ownership rights or other partial rights concerning real estates;
    representation in the relating proceedings before the Hungarian land registry authority.


  • Corporate law

    Establishment of business associations, non-profit companies, societies and foundations, legal representation in the connecting court proceeding;
    legal assistance in connection with the interior operation of the companies (attending general company meetings, members’ meetings and supervisory board meetings); preparation of organizational regulations and other internal regulations, merger and acquisition transaction;
    general corporate law advising and legal services in connection with transformations (merger and demerger) of companies. .


  • Intellectual Property law

    Legal advisement and preparation of agreements in connection with intellectual property law; legal services in relation to author’s right to visual, artistic, dramatic or musical works and managing agreements; legal services in relation to patent, utility model protection, trademarks, geographical indications, designs and copyrights, representation in the relating proceedings before the Hungarian Patent Office.


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